Why healing with flowers & plants?

Essences of Life
Essences of Life was born out of the current human awakening of the power of healing with essential oils from plants and flowers.  Specifically, the Cannabis plant and the medicinal qualities of their amazing flowers and healing terpenes and its’ ability to heal the human body, mind and communicate with disfunction and disease within us, to relieve us and alleviate our pain and suffering.

These products were developed using the most pure, organically grown plants (Grown in the Swiss Alps) utilizing Cannibus Sativa and Indica strains, under pristine conditions and strictly controlled by using small batches, distilled in France with minimal processing and hand-crafted in California with essential oils from 15 healing plants to maximize the healing properties and support the THC and CBD elements in each product.   Each salve, oil or spray is hand-mixed and quality checked to be sure you are receiving the very best medicine that nature can provide you for your wellbeing.  Our goal is to heal you naturally, giving you relief from pain and the ability to control your life-force through Mother Nature.



Awakening the Natural Healing of Plants & Flowers

I have been interested in healing plants and flowers since I was a child in the woods of upstate New York.   Left on my own, the woods were teaching me of the wonders and secrets of the plants, trees and mosses that I made my home in the spring, summer and fall each year.  The knowledge of the old ways of healing with nature, plants and flowers began at age 15 and arrived with the discovery of ancient wisdoms from native American remedies and books of elixirs and herbal recipes.  Many were handed down from mother to daughter in almost every culture and language.  The University library shelves held worn & torn books of herbal recipes from early tribal cultures, the Maori, the Aboriginals, the Hawaiians, the Tahitians and the early Indian and Asian cultures all embraced natural medicines utilizing roots, teas, tinctures and many of the same plants with variations of species dependent on local environment and terrain.  All of these teachings are accessible in our historic references, which were studied by early healers, many of them doctors of science, and many more were women.  Women were the gatherers and were the healers of their tribes and knew of natures secrets of the forest and it’s plants.
Before the dark ages, ignorance, religion and politics descended upon women healers in our society and  stopped natural healing from taking its due course of utilizing the power of nature for medicines.  Inherently, women knew all plants, herbs, trees, flowers and even dirt & clays were used in one form or another in salves, balms, teas, tinctures, poultices and elixirs to heal humanities ills.   (Earth in the form of clays are used by Indian Aryvedic healers even today in powerful healing of bodily disease and is now recognized globally as a medical treatment).

Women were the gatherers of nature’s plant medicines and who have carried on these traditional ways of healing with plants, flowers and natural herbs with many of their uses still used today to create current medicines.   This is evidenced by the power of flower essences back to the 16th Century and French parfumeries who knew the value of these scents and essences.  French Aristocracy placed great value on fine essences and several Kings of England were known to have possessed their own private “Aromatherapy collection of flower and plant essences” that kept them safe during the Black Plague epidemic therefore,  recognizing the healing abilities of flowers and plants throughout human history.

In the 30’s English Homeopath, Edward Bach studied and created hydrosoles from flower dews and eventually to the current distillation process used today to create extractions from plant and flower materials for the current “aware & educated” society of healing methods and practices.  Our past history with plants & flowers are very much relevant to Aromatherapy and the reawakening or resurrence that is occurring today to embrace these natural practices of healing.

Plants, herbs, trees and flowers have existed on this planet for over 380 million years and have adapted slowly to become their current species with intentional abilities and an inherent “intelligence” to communicate and heal us.  We are all organically connected to the Earth and to these live plant and flower species.  In rediscovering this connection with Mother Nature’s medicine, we have realized that our bodies have developed genetic ‘receptors’ that can process and interact with plant elements, as is obviously part of the natural plan of Mother Earth.  We just need to listen.

My yellow roses produce heart-shaped petals since I began Essences of Life
My yellow roses produce heart-shaped petals since I began Essences of Life


My Cannabis Healing Products


Welcome to Essences of Life.   My products are designed with Aromatherapy Healing and the use of globally sourced Essential Oils or “Essences” specifically known to have profound results as a restorative method of healing recognized around the world and practiced in many countries in Europe and Asia for centuries.  My products are ALL ORGANIC, naturally distilled or extracted by CO2 and developed & specifically chosen for healing with CANNABIS SATIVA AND INDICA.  All my products are hand-made, each individually mixed and created with 15 all ORGANIC flower & herbal plant essential oils and FRENCH-DISTILLED (cold-extraction) from SWISS-GROWN CANNABIS SATIVA AND IMPORTED  and naturally infused over a three-day process with ORGANIC CANNABIS INDICA, locally & ORGANICALLY grown in the woods of Big Sur, California on an home-grown real Farm.

All my products are tested at SC Labs in Santa Cruz, California and certified for both THC and CBD and CBDa with a breakdown of each Cannabinoid in the ‘sample’ analysis.

My purpose is create the very finest ‘Artisanal Cannabis Medicinals for immediate relief and to help heal pain and suffering with my collaboration of the strong “natural” healing of both Cannabis Sativa & Indica and have strengthened or “amped” the healing properties of both plants and flowers with Aromatherapy essential oils supporting this as Mother Nature intended.

It is part of our history, our past & our evolution that we are connected to the terra firma which is essential for us to exist to live, breathe, eat and survive as human beings.  Our very life could not have come into being without plants and animals. I believe we are indeed of ‘One World, One Life’.  With this knowledge, we have a great responsibility to embrace this with an open mind and heart and listen to our “plant healers” who have forged this path for us, who have given us the wisdom to bring about a change in our natural medicinals and how we can heal our own bodies through Mother Nature’s medicine… Cannabis


Essences of Life

My company’s goal is to provide the very highest quality organic natural healing Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica flowers, distilled and extracted in a slow heated, infused process, then combined with my Swiss-Grown Organic Cannabis Sativa essential oil.  This imported essential oil is cold-pressed & distilled in the South of France in small batches as fine perfumery essences have been done for centuries.   My formula is developed for immediate body and muscle healing and relief of pain within 5 to 10 minutes of application.  Each salve is hand-prepared & individually mixed with 15 essential oils known to promote healing and body rejuvenation.  My products are tested and verified by SC Labs in Santa Cruz, California and certified to contain Active THC/CBD in each one.  The links below go directly to SC Labs website to give you the actual breakdown and strength of each product.

My 1.7 oz CANNA BLISS Healing salve contains 135.75 mg of active THC Cannabinoids and 131.89 CBD and 2.18 CBN  (THC & CBD combined 269.82 mg)

SC Labs Canna Bliss Healing Salve 2015 ‘Sample’ Analysis CERTIFIED AND TESTED 2016



Aromatherapy Canna-Bliss Spray

Our specialty CANNA-BLISS SPRAY is a product that has been developed from both the healing properties of our imported Swiss-Organic, French Distilled Cannabis Sativa and a strong THC Big Sur Flower extraction to create the essences that make our recipe a unique and incredibly healing spray and perfume therapy.  Our beautiful aromatic healing combination contains:

Moroccan Rose


 Lavender – local sourced

Lemon Verbena

Mandarine Orange


 Ylang Ylang

 The added recouperative scents of terpene rich essential oil essences of: Eucalyptus


Tea tree

Sacred white sages

  My distilled & purified waters are processed outdoors under two full moon cycles and energized with the healing properties of stones and crystals of:

Big Sur Jade

Herkimer Diamond

Black Tourmaline

Sacred female Boje Stone – rare, “grounding, tissue regeneration, heals blockages, relieves pain, energizes, clear past memories, emotions & transformation







Apache Tears (removes toxins from the body, calms muscle spasms, absorbs negative energy, protects the ‘aura’, cleanses the Earth Chakra)

Rose Quartz

Rutilated Quartz


Picture Jasper

Cathedral Quartz


Tiger’s Eye

Rare,  Russian “Fairy Cross” X shaped red-brown stone found in Russia, represents the  Four Elements – Earth, Air, Fire, Water Powers – Protection, Elemental Magic, Money, Health

(The Fairy Cross is a natural earthy brown coloured smooth crystal cross – made up of twinned crystals which form into equal-armed Crosses, or X-shapes. Each Staurolite Crystal Cross varies in appearance and according to legend is known as the ‘Fairy Cross’. In magic, the Staurolite ‘Fairy Cross’ represents the four Elements. Because of its shape, the Fairy Cross is carried or worn by those wishing to balance the four elements within and it is placed on the altar for power during magical rituals of all kinds.)
The Staurolite ‘Fairy Cross’ is said to protect against negative energies, disease and accidents.

My “CANNA BLISS AROMATHERAPY SPRAY” is designed to be used daily with both healing and energizing overall health benefits for both body and mind.  The essential oils and scents create a sense of well being that affects both your mental state and attitude.  The results are a focused, calming and healing, protective aura surrounding you as you deal with your average daily life.

The Cannabis Sativa essential oils both calm the mind and breath, releasing fears and stress and relieving bodily inflamation by simply spraying around your face and nose, internally breathing in the spray deeply and can be used without any harm to others.  Be sure and close your eyes as essential oils are not meant to be applied directly to skin.   You can use the spray as often as you wish, in your car, a restroom or in your office.  The scents are so pleasing you will have others asking “What is that amazing spray?”

My 4 oz CANNA BLISS AROMATHERAPY SPRAY  contains 40% of 90 proof pure natural grain alcohol,  50% Crystal-Energized distilled water from two full moons with stones & crystals all listed above & 10% is pure 18 essential oils with .62 mg/ml (120 mls  = 55.80 mg THC/CBD total per container of 4 oz spray) of THC & THCa(.32) CBD & CBDa (.25) CBN (.05)

The strength of the Aromatherapy Spray is in the healing aroma or scent of the “Terpenes” and not the quantity of Cannabinoids in the product.  Spraying of Cannabis Terpenes calms and focuses the body and mind igniting the receptors within our bodies to solicit the healing of the Cannabis within minutes.  Supported by the additional 15 essences of flowers & herbs that also contains terpenes and sequiterpene hydrocarbons**  that are known healers & recognized “on their own” as medicines:  (Cedar, even used today in Indian healing – Tea tree Eucalyptus – Peppermint – Sage – Sandalwood and Pine)

Sesquiterpene Hyrdocarbons** constituents of essential oils and plant-based medicines, little known except in Aromatherapy and attributed with soothing, anti-inflammative, antiphlogistic and anti-allergic qualities and exhibit a strong, sedative effect.  Recently studies shown to be effective against viruses and nontoxic to the host cells of the viruses.