Tumeric for Healing

Turmeric has become a popular spice for health purposes now in cooking and edible receipes use it in dishes from meats and fish to vegan organics that boast significant increase in cancer-killing regimes & a multitude of illness in our bodies.

Many of us use tumeric as a spice in a dry form which can be a good way to add the curcumins into our blood stream with oils and fats which our bodies love to incorporate into our system and our daily health habits.  This is ideal however, I have recently found that many ground, dry tumerics can be tainted by insects and contaminants that would cause harm to our health on a daily basis and therefore, it would be prudent to choose your tumeric knowing it has passed the test for a clean, unpolluted and safe product.  Give this a read so you understand how tumeric works and why it’s important for a clean source.