Deep Healing Oil Treats MERSA, shingles & Restless Leg Syndrome with Success

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Sheri, Pacific Grove, CA. 2016
Patient had surgery for removal of MERSA on upper leg, replacement with skin healing poorly with perscription drugs and creams. “I couldn’t believe the improvement and how fast my skin healed with the deep healing oil from Essences of Life”.

Jasmine, Bellport, NY 2016
Patient had shingles on hair scalp and face, including eye lids, pain and itching in severe condition. “Using the oil immediately calmed the itching and inflammation and there was no scaring as the condition healed, what a relief your products have given me, thank you!”

Joan, Monterey, CA.

Patient has restless leg syndrome and has been taking heavy duty drugs for over 20 years until this past year when she has not been able to get relief any longer with the medications and no sleep. “After applying both the oil and then the salve, I was able to get my legs to relax and able to sleep without any perscription drugs that I’ve been using over 20 years.”

Natasha, Florida

Patient has lower back injury to L4 & L5 in her back and varied degrees of pain and immobility in her body due to the extreme pain from both injury and surgery. “I had relief within 5 mins of applying the salve and discovered that I could actually move without pain for the next 2 hours without having to sit down and rest for the first time in years.”

Emma, (Dog of 16 years old) Pacific Grove Using “Happy Dog” Topically

Severe arthritis in back hips not able to run or walk stairs or steps. Two applications topically Emma was running up and down stairs and wagging her tail.

Essences to Launch on Weedmaps New “Brands” Site


Essences of Life has been chosen to be featured on the new Weedmaps Brands site to launch shortly from their success with their geolocating mapping site for collectives and Cannabis distributors and delivery vendors in the USA.

Look for Essences of Life now being delivered in the Monterey Area with the Nug Company listed on Weedmaps.  Amazing organic buds to our organic Artisinal Medicines produced by Essences of Life.

Coming Soon!  Wildcrafted Oils from the wilds of Big Sur & Monterey

Coming in the Spring!

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