New Essences “Eclipse Aromatherapy Spray” Released August 2017

Our newest Aromatherapy Spray has been released as a result of the August 21st, 2017 Solar Eclipse that took place across the entire USA and was passing thru upper Portland, Oregon where this picture of the progression was taken by Jared Barrymore and is the featured image on my spray.

This spray has been energized by the entire solar eclipse throughout the entire day outside under the path of the moon with 30 of my best healing crystals, rocks and stones over clear waters to add to my unique blend of essential oils for healing and energizing our daily lives, keeping us safe from bacteria and molds, germs and live particles, including radiation that are in our air and water around us.

You can feel the tingling of the energy as it is inhaled into the nasal cavity with deep breaths and protects our bodies with over 28 oils from plants, flowers, trees, roots and herbs that are chosen specifically to keep our energy flowing and keep inflammation and disease out of the body and an uplifting of our spirits through the energies of the crystals and especially from the eclipse.

Our special “Solar Eclipse” Aromatherapy Spray is available via email to  $75, includes shipping and handling anywhere in the US or Europe.