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We have a new process for purchasing ALL our products.  Please Either contact The Nug Company listed on Weedmaps for DELIVERY ONLY in Monterey County.  Otherwise   ….  Email us at fleursdvie@gmail.com and tell us what you would like to know about and your condition.     We will fill orders only via our email address online fleursdvie@gmail.com or phone us directly at 831-419-0917 as we can take orders over the phone and will confirm by email back to you. 

 Here are are our current products for Essences of Life Aromatherapy:

CBD Citrus Pain Relief Salve is our Cannabliss Healing Salve 1.7 oz   Great immediate relief from muscular pain, soreness, neuropathy, arthrytis, wound-healing, pulled muscle, body aches, back and neck issues.  Works within 2-5 mins with healing oils from 18 different plants, flowers, herbs and roots.  CBD Dominate formula with 150 THC and 200 CBD strength with organic unrefined coconut base, melts upon application and can be stored in cool storage for best results.  PRICE IS $45.00

Aromatherapy Emergency Relief Spray is our CannaBliss Aromatherapy Spray 4 oz Blue Atomizer bottle   This Aromatherapy Spray bridges the blood brain barrier to immediately take action against inflammation in the body and will calm you within minutes.  This formula of 28 different essential oils from plants, flower, herbs, roots and trees will work on your system to stop inflammation and begin the healing process naturally.  Can be sprayed around face, close eyes and spray while deep breathing into lungs and nose.  Can be used all day and night and does not stain.   90% alcohol and based with crystalized waters energized in full moon and distilled waters.  MUST shake before each spray and never spray in eyes or mouth.   PRICE IS $45.00

Cellular Deep Healing Skin Repair is our Deep Tissue Healing Skin Oil in a 2 oz blue bottle   This formula was developed in Singapore by an Aromatherapist who is the only doctor treating cellulitis in the world at her own clinic.  This formula is following her method and the added ingredient of cannabis sativa and CBD crystalized for the very best delivery into the skin layers for serious disorders such as restless leg syndrome, cellulitis, neuropathy, gout, shingles, Mersa, wounds and healing from surgery, radiation burns and torn muscles and injuries to muscle and bone.  A great treatment daily morning and night for those who have trouble getting out of bed and getting into bed at night.  PRICE IS $55

Pain Relief Healing Salve (OUR Original formula for pain) is our 300 mgs THC/CBD known as CannaBliss Healing Salve that is great for relieving pain and inflammation within minutes and healing long after you rub into your skin for soreness, muscle pain, lymph, bad knees, sores, skin rashes, cuts, wounds, stiffness, bruises, eczema and dry skin conditions.  Can be used daily and as needed.  Pure, no fillers, or additives, melts into skin at room temperature and soaks into your body beautifully calming and bringing life to your tissues.  PRICE IS $45.00


Our Ginger Cannabis Body Butter – complete OG created for massage and overall calming of inflammation thru our epidermis, especially for those in treatment for cancer or skin ailments, pain and soothing soft leaving your skin replenished by the oils and OG Shea with two oils with Cannabis essential oils and influsions of OG Ginger and healing Lemongrass.   255-300 mgs of strength and calming with a 1 to1 ratio for complete spectrum of healing of OG  cannabis sativa.   Comes in a large 4 oz blue jar.   PRICE IS $60.00

Green Clay Cannabis & Seaweed Detox Mask

Created for removing toxins in the skin – face and body with rich French Green Clay and two seaweeds for regeneration and removal of pollution and toxins from air and use of makeup and cleaners that can clog your skin.  Great for whole body treatment with double cannabis of essential oil, olive and coconut with OG rosemary for antibacterial and kills toxic chemicals from air and water use, with the deep tissue calmed by the minerals of the clay, pulse and cannabis.  Seaweeds locally wildcrafted and sun dried on sand.  Great for body wrap or weekly facial.  Comes in our large 4 oz blue jar.  PRICE IS $65.00


Special formula for the nightshade plants and flowers essences and super lavenders from the center regional of France specifically formulated for their qualities in calming inflammation and tissues with both the topical and the aroma terpenes with the blood-brain barrier.  Suggested use is to spray around  face and deep breathes 3 times every 5 minutes before bed.  Shake before spraying and never spray in eyes or nostrils directly.  Never for ingestion or oral consumption.  PRICE IS $55.00


Energized in over 35 crystals for healing and wellness under the Oregon Skies for the full solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 and a full moon or super moon crystallization of waters, oils and suspended in pure alcohol (30%) for delivery of misting sprays for the energy transformation and strength of full moons with 28 healing plants, flowers, roots, trees and herbs to give your body wellness in full spectrum healing.  PRICE IS $55.00

CBD CALM Anti-Inflammatory Roll-on Skin Oil is our Cannabis Perfume Healing Skin Oil Roll-on 10ml glass bottle   This is an quick way to refresh you scent and calm inflammation on the skin and in areas like the neck, arms, legs or body area and release healing oil into the skin with a great refreshing scent of citrus, grapefruit, lemon and rose geranium.    PRICE IS $25.00 NOT SHOWN HERE

“Peace, Love & Flowers” Cannabis Perfume Atomizer in 10 ml spray bottle A REAL Cannabis perfume oil accented with flowers and musk to bring out the hippy in all of us.  Alcohol based with essential oils.  PRICE IS $25.00  NOT SHOWN HERE



We currently have gift baskets for Valentines Day or Mothers Day.   They are filled with our great products and have a significant discount and limited supplies as ALL OUR PRODUCTS ARE HAND-MADE ARTISINAL AND OUR GIFT BASKETS ARE ONE-OF-A-KIND so when they are gone, they are gone!

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are by specific order of contents only as of Feb 22nd, 2018.  Please email me for special order baskets we will custom hand-procure for your loved one.  fleursdvie@gmail.com

my favorite is the one below


 RSVP to receive our address and get on the list for samples.  Email;  fleursdvie@gmail.com to be on the VIP List as it is limited.  

email fleursdvie@gmail.com your name, email and phone number for our list

Come Join or Testing fun and learn more about using essential oils and healing for you and your home and family.

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