Holiday Party Demonstration – We’re making Chest Rub for the Winter Season

Come join us tomorrow on Wed, Dec 5th at 6pm for live demonstration of “How a chest rub is organically made” for those who have respiratory conditions or for the Mom who wants to make their children their very own “Natural, non-petroleum Chest Rub”  this would be the way you can create your own safe, natural medicine for your family – this demo is for an adult product but I am happy to share the child or baby formula with anyone who attends and anyone who attends will receive a FREE chest rub made at this event for attending.

Come bring your family and those who need healing for this open house for the holidays at Essences of Life in Pacific Grove, CA.  RSVP for address and directions please.  Thanks

We will be offering treats and eggnog or cider for the holidays and you may try any of our products as well during the event.  Merry Healthy Holidays and blessed wellness to all.

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