Forest Aromatherapy Workshops – 2019 Spring/Summer/Fall

Get back to Nature this year and in sync with Mother Nature with our new Forest Aromatherapy Workshops we will be hosting at our backyard in Pacific Grove and in the forests in Big Sur for special days of creating aromatherapy from the local forest and fauna. Forest bathing will be one of our workshops where we will create your natural bathing experience in the forest with all products that are from the local area and are hand-made by you during this special workshop.

Our backyard workshops will feature body scrubs and oils from distilling your own lavendar, rosemary and local lemon verbena from the local forests, pine needles and producing and creating body treatments with actual dirts and terroire from the trees and lands. Even the ferns, sages and barks can be very healing for your body and combined with the essential oils with oil bases, salts and seaweeds to help delivery to detox and cleanse your body naturally and in sync with where you live.

Workshops and their dates and location will be announced on May 10th, 2019 so come back to see what we will be offering for workshops (all materials and oils are included in cost of workshops) $135 per person and all products you create are to take home, glass jars or containers are provided as well.

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