Breast Cancer Treatment with Cannabis Oil

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Last year about this time, I lost my best friend to cancer (not breast cancer BTW) and so I am very much interested in how essential oils can help heal cancer in the body and so I read alot of what people say about healing with Cannabis Oil for all types of cancer and in this case, this is about breast cancer.

But my story is about my friend Lady Hull who died the night before my birthday in a crash of thunder and lightning in the skies about Monterey Bay.

Lady had been diagnosed with liver cancer and she had gone into Stanford to be treated prior to being put on a list for a new organ replacement but that was not in the cards and she ended up in hospital for her final days.  When I went to be with her the last week in hospital, I arrived and she had been going in and out of consciousness apparently at that point since she had the surgery at Stanford and her liver was dying which meant she was being medicated with pain meds and kept comfortable but not very conscious with the heavy narcotics they had running in her veins.  I brought my Cannabliss Aromatherapy spray and had added a few things for “my friend” that I knew she needed and I sprayed her and the room and by the time I had finished and the mist had settled on her – she awoke from her drugged stupor and spent the next hour or so with me talking, laughing, crying, hugging and being together for our last time as friends, sisters and humans on this Earth.  She left this Earth with this guidance of flowers, plants, trees and the energetics of my crystals in a lightning and thunder storm.  Because of this and how many people are constantly telling me how this spray is helping them immediately to bridge the blood brain barrier and get relief that I can’t help but think there must be a formula for treating or supporting cannabis oil treatment with it as well.

Reading about breast cancer treatments recently, I came across this article about a woman who was faced with a horrible type of cancer and the only medical treatment they suggested would have burned and radiated her from one end to the other & opened up her vaginal channel and fused her uterus in constant pain.  This is a horrendous way to die from cancer for sure.  Instead, this women decided to go the route of cannabis oil and specifically went to the receipe classic online and their suggestion for treatment which is  Oil made from cannabis buds, ingested 3 x daily, for two months, will destroy breast cancer cells and should certainly be considered by those diagnosed with the disease. Cannabis oil is easy to produce, has no toxic side effects, is extremely effective and can be safely taken alongside conventional treatments.

Please read the entire article and see the diagrams as it is well worth your time especially if this is your reason for seeking out cannabis for breast cancer treatment.  And anyone needing support for skin cancer should consider my Skin Repair Oil that has been working for MERSA, shingles, cellulitus, skin conditions and pain managment of a wide variety and has a THC and CBD balance for this deep healing oil.  I have one client now recovering from radiation and internal bleeding with this oil and combining with my Cannabis Healing Salve to combat the pain within minutes.