Rose Frankincense Anti-Aging Facial Toner

Organic Rose and Frankincense Anti-Aging Facial Toner is created by a French Aromatherapist formula for treatment of aging skin with emphasis on cellular and natural regeneration

PURE FLEUR’S new Organic Facial Line of Cosmetics for aging skin has developed formulas for Aromatherapy of our facial skin treatment for both protection, moisture retention, skin regeneration and pollution protection from air and weather irritants.

PURE FLEUR’S ROSE ALOE FACIAL ANTI-AGING SKIN CREAM was created with a Shea butter, jojoba oil, rose and carrot seed oil base for absorption for aging skin cells and regeneration of cellular tissue with helichrysum and essential oils of Rose Absolute, German Chamomile, Rose Geranium and Aloe infused with fresh rose petals to compliment this truly organic and natural skin treatment. Must be kept in the refrigerator and kept for 60 days use.

PURE FLEUR’S ROSE FRANKINCENSE ANTI-AGING FACIAL TONER was created to compliment the natural anti-aging skin cream and used for daily use with cleansing with an oil and bottled mineral water heated for cleaning prior to application of cream and finish with toner. Toner can be applied to refresh face during daytime. Keep out of eyes and mouth. For use for 60 days daily use. Store in cool or refrigerator for best results and freshness.

Rose Frankincense Anti-Aging Facial Toner is all Organic and hand-made by an Aromatherapist
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