“Happy Dog” Topical and Edible Cannabis for Canine Friends

ESSENCES OF LIFE has launched it’s first pet care product. “Happy Dog” has been researched and developed with the canine pet skin conditions and aging issues in consideration. Many of my local friends have offered their pets as “Testers” with conditions ranging from dermatitus to hot spots, arthritis, dry skin, scabes, fleas and itchy skin with flaking and open wounds. All of these conditions were successfully treated with “Happy Dog” and both the owners and the pets were very pleased with the results and have become believers of the healing of cannabis.


IMG_1423  Coco is a mixer breed Shitsu-Poodle who suffers from dry skin and scaling, allergy to fleas and constant itching due to the genetics of the breed.  She is being treated orally and topically with good success.  She runs around like she’s a puppy but is was born in 2003 and is 13 years old.  She has also been having seizures with vomiting and then epileptic fits which she no longer seems to have since we began giving her a edible dose of 1 tsp every week now.  Coco is now a HAPPY DOG.

IMG_1427  Domino is a 14 year old Rat Terrier, very high strung with hot spots and constant itching, allergy to soap, most skin treatment products on the shelf and has suffered with sores, scabs, bleeding, open wounds and loss of hair as a result of his itching.  His use is only topical and every time any itch appears, we apply it and within days it’s gone and so is the itching and constant whining that went along with it.  Domino is now a HAPPY DOG.

Our 4 oz blue jar contains approximately 200mg of cannabis sativa with a use as both a topical salve to be applied directly to the skin with immediate results in both pain reduction, swelling, bleeding and in calming the area. It can be applied liberally and in 2 hour increments for severe conditions or just once a day for normal skin treatment for dryness and hot spots or pain from aging. If the dog licks off any of the salve, it will only calm them further and keep them happy throughout their day. It will not create any feelings or “high” for the dog other than the happy feeling of being without pain or symptoms of their condition any longer.

4 oz blue jar of “Happy Dog” $40


The ingredients are pure, organic, unrefined coconut oil and cannabis sativa influsion. No essential oils or additives whatsoever and NO GMO, No GLUTEN. Totally save for big dogs and little dog breeds. Safe enough to put a tablespoon in your coffee in the am.

Dosage for ingesting “Happy Dog” would be according to weight of the dog. A small breed dog approximately 10-15 pounds would be one teaspoon daily or twice if bad pain
or large dogs 20 lbs and up would be 2 Tablespoons daily or twice a day if bad pain.

Here is an article I found on “Treating Pets with CBD Oil online that is very informative for a more severe condition and health issue like cancer and internal diseases of the organs that I found helpful and educational for pet owners who want to know more about this type of treatment and it’s safety.

Here is the link  http://revividusa.com/treating-pets-with-cbd-oil/and information below for those who want to read the insert I’ve chosen that applies to this reference without leaving this site.

Treating Pets with CBD Oil “Is cannabis safe for pets?” This is one of the most highly debated questions in the alternative medicine world amongst veterinarians, animal advocates and the press alike. Cannabis works as an effective medicine due to the endocannabinoid system, which is a series of receptors that naturally occur in our bodies to accept cannabinoids, namely THC and CBD. Like humans, pets also possess an endocannabinoid system. Much of the opposition towards treating pets with CBD oil and other related cannabis products boils down to the lack of studies proving it effective. However, in recent years more and more cases are emerging proving that it can be an effective medicine for animals. In May 2013, an extensive study was published by the Journal of the American Veterinary Association citing an LA man giving a glycerin tincture to his 24-year-old cat and a West Hollywood woman giving her cancer ridden black lab a tincture who was doing nothing but sleeping. Both cases showed dramatic improvement in the animals’ well being. It is extremely important to note that using cannabis medication with animals is not about getting the pet “high”—it’s about improving their quality of life. As medical marijuana became prevalent in the early 2000s, a 2002 study by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) studied 250 instances of pets consuming cannabis and could not link a single death to CBD oil or marijuana. The most significant aspect of this study is no median lethal dosage was established in cats in dogs. On the flip side, Dr. Karl Jandrey at the University of California – Davis teaching hospital notes that it is important to be aware that cannabis does not have completely benign effects on animals. Like humans, consuming too much can cause disorienting side effects such as a lack of fine motor skills. It a pet has consumed an excessive amount of raw flowers or “edibles” (baked goods and candies infused with cannabis), they should be taken to the vet for immediate treatment just to check in. However, a fatal dose is highly unlikely (scpr.org). Most recently, a Los Angeles vet, Dr. Doug Kramer, has become the first licensed veterinarian to treat pets with cannabis (dogster.com). Since 2011, he has had over 300 patients discuss using cannabis and CBD treatments on their pets and hearing positive effects on conditions ranging from separation anxiety to FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus). The topic hit him on a personal level when his own husky developed cancer. Although it was terminal, through administering careful doses of tincture, he noticed that her pain decreased and her appetite improved during her final months. His suggested method for administering cannabis in using the tincture and putting in the pet’s water so that doses can be calculated and not overly potent. He has gone on record in both Vice and Huffington Post advocating cannabis for pets citing how he grew tired of euthanizing animals when he felt he wasn’t doing everything in his power to make their lives better. More and more, people are taking a stand and realizing that if CBD and cannabis can be a safe and non-toxic medicine for pets, there is no reason they should be denied of it. Every living being deserves the highest quality of life. If CBD oil and cannabis can ensure a longer, healthier life, than it is time to accept it and let nature’s medicine do its job. By revivid|September 29th, 2015|Uncategorized|Comments Off on Treating Pets with CBD Oil