Our new full line of Artisanal Organic Hand-crafted Cannabis Medicinals offers you a complete set of daily use products to make your life calmer, focused and healing with a regular infusion of essential oils.    Our 18 Organic Essential Oils from plants, flowers and trees is combined with our Organic Cannabis Sativa Essential Oil grown in Switzerland and distilled in France and delivered in our Aromatherapy blends and formulas to support and establish daily healing for our bodies, our minds and our spirits.

A complete set of our products is available exclusively at our distributors and email us at for more information of our full line of products.

4 oz. Blue Glass Atomizer of “Canna Bliss” Aromatherapy Spray  $35.00

2 oz. Blue Glass Bottle “Owie Wowie” Essential Repair Body Oil  $35.00

1.7 oz. Amber Glass Jar Canna Healing Salve  $35.00

10 ml. “Peace, Love & Flowers” Cannabis Perfume Personal Spray Atomizer  $20.00

10 ml.  “Peace, Love & Flowers” Cannabis Perfumed Roll on Healing Body Oil  $35.00

“Pink Grapefruit” Cannabis Healing Lip Gloss  $15.00