‘Pure Fleur’ New Face & Spa Products Launch – Spring 2017


Ginger Cannabis Body Butter

New face & body spa line of Cannabis Aromatherapy Products announced from Essences of Life is ready to ship.  This delicious body butter will soothe and silken your skin with amazing results and the scents of lavendar, Bergamot and Ginger with super healing base oils and  OG CBD and OG Cannabis Sativa providing the relief from inflammation within minutes of absorbtion as intended.  We have no additives or fillers in our products,    We have produced a limited quantity of these high-grade Cannabis essential oil formulas with all organically produced ingredients,  Our OG Shea butter and OG olive and OG Coconut are all certified and fair-trade ethically sourced and all our products are hand-mixed individually and quality controlled by an Aromatherapist according to our French methods and formulas for healing with essential oils of the finest medical grade quality.   A 4 ounce blue hard plastic jar contains THC & CBD (1 to 1 ratio 300 mgs)    All our sources and suppliers of essential oils are certified Organic in France and our local sources are tested and all our products are tested and certified at SC Labs in Santa Cruz, California


All our products can be purchased via email to:  fleursdvie@gmail.com

Please include your email and your phone number so we can contact you directly.

Green Clay Detox Mask 

French Green Clay with Seaweed & Kelp and Cannabis

This deep healing French Green clay mask is mixed with a Dulse right from the ocean and rich in iodine and bladderwack for detoxing the skin combined with two oil infusions of Cannabis Sativa and a OG Cannabis essential oil distilled in a CO2 extraction producing a beautifully terpened scent of cannabis and OG Rosemary extraction for cleansing and antioxidant removing and purifying any toxins in the skin.  The rich French Green Clay has properties known to soothe and calm any redness, releases minerals into the skin layers to soften and purify free-radicals from the epidermis and gently cleans and regenerates  away the dead skin and encouraging blood stimulation to the new layers.   The results are pure calming and anti-inflammation healing.   We have limited quantities of this facial detox mask available now.   Shipping for this product is two-day for freshness and quality.  4 ounce blue hard plastic jar contains 275 mgs of THC & CBD combined.    Keep cool storage.


We utiilize Aromatherapy and essential oils in supporting healing of our bodies, minds and spirits with flowers, plants, herbs, trees, roots and the miracle plant Cannabis Sativa

Short Video of Mask-making on YouTube and our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/essencesoflife